Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This is Me On Fumes

Seventh Grader amuses me. She amuses me greatly. This evening, she is amusing me by making her way around the house in the manner of a 90-year-old woman. This is the direct result of being two days into gymnastics camp after three months of root beer and Teen Nick. But you know, her thumbs are in excellent shape from all that texting.

Fifth Grader also amuses me. She is not amusing me so much tonight, because she is in TV mode. She is borderline catatonic when she's in TV mode. I'd object on grounds of wanting to appear Super Mom-like, but hey. I gave that gig up. I'm now going for Average Mom.

You know what is not amusing me so much? Moving. Packing. My house being in shambles. The fact that the moving truck is arriving at Boyfriend's apartment tomorrow, and the new house is still not done. Seriously. Not. Done. I'm pretty sure the paint will literally be drying on the walls as the movers unload the truck. This? Not effing amusing.

Somewhat lightening the frustration for me today was my follow up visit to the U Haul store to buy more boxes. The nice man at the store inquired as to what college I would be attending. Nice, nice U Haul box-selling man.

This seems like a pretty good time to tell you that Boyfriend is now officially Future Husband. Don't take offense, but a whole slew of people needed to be told personally before I felt I could mention it here. Of course, if you are reading this, you are probably one of those people anyway. So in case you weren't really paying attention the first time, Boyfriend and I are engaged. And if I haven't told you the proposal story, don't look to read about it here. It was lovely and romantic and not at all exasperating, and therefore not suitable for publishing in this venue.

So we are engaged, and in mere days we will be living under the same roof. And of the myriad of things I could possibly be worrying about relative to giving up my status as Single Mom Extraordinaire, here's what is weighing on my mind: will I still be able to read in bed?

I am far too tired to worry about anything more. Perhaps I should sleep.